Unlocking Your Desires: Ignite the Power Within

Congratulations! You are an action taker and wherever you are in life you realize that there is something missing that you WANT to discover.

Today you get to give up feeling guilty about following your heart.

Open your mind and awareness to discover the key to your desires and the magic sauce to get everything YOU want in your life. 

There is more to you than being a leader, a wife, a mother...Let's awaken your inner badass.   


What People Are Saying:

Tina has helped me overcome some of the hardest things in my life. Even though I'm the only one in my family that is being coached, her program has cleared up my mind clutter to be able to be a better mom and wife. My husband and I had a huge breakthrough within the first couple of weeks because I was able to communicate more clearly. We had one of the best conversations we've had in over 10 years - we both cried at the end. Tina also helped be move past something that had been holding me back for over 30 years. I can't say enough good things about Tina. Life, health, personal development and more - she is an amazing coach!

Danielle R

Tina is a wonderful life coach, very professional and authentic as well as caring. I learned a lot from her program on how to change your mindset and hold my self accountable for my actions. This is a great program I strongly recommend it. Tina is amazing!!

Tammy L

Tina inspired me to take action, step out of my comfort zone and since then amazing things are happening!

Christa Rose