$500.00 CAD

One To One Clarity Call With Tina

Unleash your full potential with a transformative coaching conversation like no other.

 What you'll experience:

  • We'll explore the root of your challenges and pull out those weeds
  • Create a personalized roadmap with tools and strategies to get you next level results
  • Explore out of the box actions to amplify your results

What People Are Saying:

Tina is absolutely amazing! When I first met her I was so unsure but I took a leap of faith and it has paid me in so many more ways than I imagined! Not only is she great in listening to you, but she hears things you don't even realize you are saying! Then she helps you work through those and go to the next thing! I wish I could keep her as my coach for the rest of my life!

Michelle K

Tina is a very insightful and inspiring coach. She is very good at digging deep to discover the issues and creating a safe space for you as things unfold. She is full of energy that is contagious and helps you reframe things in your life so that you can move forward in a very positive and productive way!


If you are looking to break through to change in your life, Tina is the coach for you. Yesterday I attended one of her workshops and it just flew by. All the attendees were fully engaged, networked and had a great deal of fun. Tina is skilled at helping you dig down to determine your why. She helps you identify the block so you can break through to success! I would highly recommend working with Tina!

Nancy M

Tina is all positivity! I had a chat with her and she was just radiating positive energy. Through her speaking, coaching, and writing, I know she makes a tremendous impact on all she comes across, and I am excited to continue being a part of her journey!

Jordan G

Tina gently guided me through a massive breakthrough. I have tried to repress these traumatic memories for years and now 'unpacking' them and been fully aware of the feelings (physically and emotionally) I am able to see where it is showing up in my life years after. Knowing my triggers and why these feelings, thoughts and behaviours show up I am able to deal with these a lot more easier. I have made a plan to ensure I let go and move forward in life without these past experiences holding me back. I feel empowered, happier and free. Thank you so much for been patient, approachable and for really hearing me. Your passion for coaching shines through you and on to your clients. Incredible!

Michelle H