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Breakthrough to Unstoppable Confidence: 90 Day Challenge

Are You Ready to Take on the Challenge?  

Get ready to level up your life so you can amplify your results!

  • Body awareness and self-love

  • Love and affinity in relationships BEING present in life

  • Seeing your health and well-being in a completely new light

  • Being confident and in control of strong emotions

  • Letting go of the past and creating your future

  • Uncovering habits, behaviours and beliefs that keep you repeating patterns and interrupting the patterns

    ...and...so much more...

Apply today and start walking into every room like God sent you! Unstoppable confidence. Energy. Self expression. 

What People Are Saying:

I worked with Tina to help me figure out where the hidden sugars were in my diet. While working with Tina she helped me to look at myself and reasons why I struggle with my weight and how my past affected my present way of thinking. Tina was always professional and made me feel comfortable during this journey.


Tina is a very professional, inspirational, and informative coach. She is eager to help others and is truly devoted to changing lives. You can count on Tina for support, encouragement, advice, and expert knowledge in many different areas including, weight loss, mind set, life transformation and many more. :)


I first met Tina through teaching. Right from the start I loved her energy and passion. I recently finished my second challenge with her, and what a challenge it was! Through tough love, challenging group conversations, and compassion, she helped me get on the path to discovering my true worth. Thanks to Tina I am learning more about my genuine self and how to move forward to make my personal dreams and goals become reality.

Katie F

I am still short on words of how to describe the experience and benefits of working with Tina Brigley in her program, Breakthrough to Unstoppable Confidence: 90 Day Challenge (Fall 2022)! I entered the program with many challenges: mourning a close loved one, unsure of my romantic relationship, estranged from my family, and basically going through the motions in every aspect of my life (finance, creativity, health and so on) I can say today with every fiber of my being that her program delivered life changing results. Since taking the program, I am more accountable for every choice I make, my relationships are evolving beautifully, I’m opening back up, my creativity is soaring because inspiration is blessing my life in a new and exciting way. I am able to process my thoughts in a more effective way and when I am having a “bad” day, yes, I still have them. The difference now is that I refer to them as “breakdowns.” I am able to work my way out of that too. I feel far more empowered and have dissolved the victim mindset. I know that Tina’s program is the cause of such beneficial results. And, I am still transforming now that I have the tools and lessons she provided. Make no mistake, it is not only the program, it is also the decision to take actions for myself, to commit to loving myself, and to accept that I must do the work, and do the work! If you are willing to do that, your results will amaze you. Especially, since Tina has a strong and distinctive ethos. She has a natural love for public service. Her coaching has a familial twist that can acknowledge you for your beautiful strides toward self-improvement while also being down to Earth and real enough to call you out when you are not present, or committing to the program for the most effective results. She is assertive, humble, professional, loving, open, funny, and extremely gifted with coaching.She also as the ability to assist you with navigating through a trigger to its root. As you can read, I am in complete awe of her talent. She is worth every dollar, euro, and yen.. You feel me? I’m so grateful for Tina and that I accepted her invitation to the program. … it is an immeasurable asset, to be an alumni. And, I would recommend her to anyone who is having difficulty digging themselves out of a rut.

Tammy H

I attended one of Tina's 90 day challenges, her and her team are amazing ! If you want something powerful and judgement free it's worth your time and money to reach out to Tina and join the many others that have completed this challenge already and have leveled up ! 😊

Laura L