If self-doubt is holding you captive in your business and you want to dominate your business game instead... 

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There are 3 Reasons You Are Struggling With Self Doubt and Learn How to Shift That NOW!  Download FREE today! 

3 Reasons You Are Struggling With Self-Doubt and How to Shift It Now!

Are you among the 72% of entrepreneurs who are struggling with mental health?  Self- doubt could be the source of it! 

Procrastination                      Shiny Penny Syndrome   Time Management

Are all underlying symptoms of self-doubt. 

If you're feeling overwhelmed and burned out- already or 

Stuck in the weeds with so much information that you have stopped trusting yourself...

We get it! There comes a pivotal moment in your business and life when you ask yourself the powerful question- "Is there another way to grow this business?"

If you are there don't waste time and money looking out. It's time to go within. 

If I told you that in this moment I could help you clear the noise in your mind and create your personal road map, would you take me up on that offer? 

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Tired of second guessing yourself and falling short on the results you know you could have in business?

How you are operating as an entrepreneur could be the problem!! 

Giving up employee mindset is a process you aren't trained to do.

How you operated as an employee will hold you back in business. And...

If I told you that in 7 days you could shift how you are operating in your business and handle all upsets with confidence, would you take me up on that offer? 

Being a self aware entrepreneur is essential for business success are you ready to make the shift? 

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Entrepreneurship can be a lonely road. You don't have to do it alone and finding your tribe is the quickest way to
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Hi I'm Tina Brigley

I am not a 7 or 8 figure coach and I don't have it ALL figured out.

What I do believe is this: Mastering self-doubt is the key to business success and most entrepreneurs don't even realize it's self doubt that keeps them stuck in compare and despair, wasting time, having shiny penny syndrome and all the other things that stop us from taking our business to next level success. 

How do I know this? 

I WAS a 7 figure business coach. I trained thousands of coaches to grow their business on-line and then I sabotaged my own success because I couldn't see that I never let go of the old version of me and fully stepped into the new "entrepreneurial" version. 

I thought success had to be hard. 
I waited for the "ball to drop" and when it didn't, I dropped it unconsciously. 

After years of personal development and training I realized that the secret to success is not in a funnel, or marketing or sales- Your best asset is you!!

I was my best asset that I was neglecting. I stopped listening to my heart and my desires. 

I boldly turned my ship around and shortly after my perceived failure in my business I created a multiple 6-figure business in less than 6 months- on my terms. 
I operated with integrity in all areas of my life and now I help entrepreneurs just like you to do the same.

I can help you get out of the weeds and design a life on your terms and a business that lights you up! 

I leverage my $200K plus investments so you don't have to. 

If you "know" what to do and it's just not working- It's time to go within and shift those self-doubts to unleash the badass entrepreneur you are! 

I can't wait to meet you! 



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