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Are You Ready To Turn Stress Into Success?


Do you feel like you could work nonstop and still NEVER check all the boxes on your list and that by the end of the day a glass of Chardonnay is the only calm in the storm?

Do you wish people could work the way you do and if they did, life would be so much easier?

I get it! Growing a business with 3 partners had its challenges. I had so many things to do and never felt like I had enough time

I worked around the clock! 

Even when I wasn’t working, I was constantly thinking about all the things I had to do.  Dealing with strong personalities and office dynamics made me want to pull my hair out - so I begged for the weekend’s offering of reprieve.

I felt like I was living in a black cloud of stress, unable to manage it as I navigated all the things beneath the things. I wanted to turn off my mind and relax!

Some days, I thought…

…it would be easier to quit and settle into a 9-5 job

…it was the team and their unrealistic expectations

…it was the nature of the industry

I believed it was all part of being a business owner and I just had to ‘put in my time’.

BUT! I realized, it was never the job, or my team, or the industry…

It was me.

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