3 Things Everyone Needs to Know About Sales

sales Apr 12, 2023
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 What If....
Everything You've Been Programmed to Believe About Sales Is The Very Thing Keeping You Stuck?

I don't know about you, but when I hear the word sales I immediately think of Willy Loman in Death of a Sales Man. The play demonstrates how a person's self-perpetual denial can impact those around him, and include them. Ultimately, Willy's tragic end is the failure to realize the American dream (and a really bad case of sales burnout). 

Let's not end up like Willy. 

Selling does not have to be laborious, scary, or something to avoid. If you are in business you must get really comfortable with "selling." Realize this: in life, we are all buying or selling something. It's part of life. So let's take the 'ick' factor out and the stories, so we can all get what we need and want.

Whether you are a consumer or producer of sales there are some things you need to know so that you can show up as a leader.


  1. Mindset Reframe: Selling is Serving 

It took me a while to wrap my head around this concept but think about this: If someone has a problem that you already solved or figured out, your support could save them time and money trying to figure it out on their own. 

If someone has a product or service that you need, see it as them serving you and saving you time and money and peace of mind! 

When someone comes to me for support in any area of life the first thing I ask myself is this, "Have I already solved this problem?" 

If the answer is, no, I am not afraid to say, "I am sorry I can't help you with that". 

You can ONLY take your clients as far as you've taken yourself. This is missing in the sales world today. Everyone is selling a promise, yet many have not cracked the code themselves and it is NOT WORKABLE.


Think about what it took to get to where you are today. 

For me it was $200K in training and development with the best coaches in the world; many failed attempts; thousands of hours of blood, sweat, and tears. Major upsets and disappointments and research to figure it out.

It's not the mechanisms that will get you to succeed in business it is who you are willing to BE that does.


This is crucial in sales. BE THE REAL DEAL. 

Sales are not icky. They are part of life. So stop believing you are an "icky salesperson" and try this instead:


  • BELIEVE in yourself. 

When you love what you do, you will serve people at the highest level. If you BELIEVE you are "The One" then you will show up as "The One".

If you've never invested in yourself, don't expect others to invest in working with you. 

YOU MUST BE WILLING TO DO THE INNER WORK so that you can see it in others. To get into their world, you must get into your own. There is no way around this. No sales training in the world will help if you aren't willing to go within.


  • BELIEVE in your offer.


When you believe in the vision of your offer and how it WILL support people, you will attract people that believe in that vision too. 

Convinced people continue to need convincing. So your job is not to convince them to do business with you. You must convince yourself that they should do business with you and that what you are offering will add value to their life! 


  • BELIEVE in your potential client 

Your unconscious beliefs and judgments impact how you show up for people. If you see them as small and incapable, they will show up that way.

If you see them as their potential, you will powerfully serve them in a way that leaves them empowered to take themselves on in a big way. 

The caveat: you must see yourself as your potential too! 

Confidence is situational and you have all that you need right now. (I did a great video on this so check it out for more value).

Let go of the notion that your job is to sell to anyone. Your only job is to serve people so powerfully that they will want to do business with you. If you see people as dollar signs - PLEASE get a new job. You are in the WRONG business.  

  1. Know Your Leadership Personality Style 

This is my BIGGEST insight! 

I have a primary operating system and so do you! This is a pattern of how we operate in life and especially in our leadership. 

Before I learned this I did 30 "sales calls" and got 30 no's. It was awful. I really started doubting myself and couldn't figure out what was going on. 

I had a very nurturing operating system. I was afraid to have money conversations because I didn't want to be pushy. I felt bad about asking for money because I thought, "I should just help everyone to be a kind person." 

My internal belief was - they matter and I don't. 

Their time is valuable and mine isn't. 

It was complete BS - belief systems. I was projecting my sh!* onto people and couldn't see it.

I made it about me and not them because it was in my blind spot. 

What you can do to access your superpower:

  • Take my quiz to learn about your specific strengths and weakness and strategies to flex. 
  • With the details of the report, start noticing the patterns in people who show up for sales calls and learn to speak their language. 
  • Create the space for others to feel heard and validated because this will build trust and people only buy from people they know, like, and trust so be that person. 

  1. Let Go of Sales Scripts 

If you've been trained to do sales you might find yourself trying to do it like someone else. When you are attached to a script it gives people the experience of, "I am like everyone else". It can leave people feeling disappointed in their experience. 

I accidentally got on a call with a business coach not too long ago. First of all, I felt so blindsided because I wasn't looking for help and before I knew it I was in a full-blown sales call. It was awful. She didn't get to know me, my business, what I already accomplished or what was in my gap. It felt SUPER icky. 

It was perfect because I got to see what was missing and what I WILL NEVER DO! 

Don't bait and switch! 

Don't ask if someone wants to do a research call and then backdoor them into a sales call- JUST DON'T DO IT! 

If you are hopping on calls asking questions like, "And how would that feel? And what would that be like?" This is so overplayed and overused and people are smart. Triggering emotions in isolation is outdated. 

Know this: People only buy 4 things - Time, Money, Significance, and Peace of Mind. Be straight and great and don't make offers if people aren't looking for these things. 


The next time you are on a sales call try this: 

  • Find out where they are, where they want to be, and what's in the gap. Listen for what's in the gap. This is the problem you've already solved. 
  • Ask, "Why me?" You want to know what was it about you that they resonate with. The answer will say a lot about the know, like, and trust factors. Listen from a place of curiosity and non-judgment. 
  • Ask, "If we were to work together, what would you need from me to support you?" Whether you are a coach, an insurance broker, a realtor, or anyone in any service industry people know what they need and want, so be straight and ask them. Get on their map. 
  • BE YOU! Everyone else is taken. Show your personality and let go of the attachment to the sale. Help people see their truth, reasons, and excuses for not having what they want right now. Shine that light and allow them to powerfully choose to stay where they are or take new actions to get new results. They aren't paying for your methodology, your program or you. They are paying for the life they want to create. 

Here is one last sales tip that I want to share: In order for people to step off their cliff and say, "Yes!" they have to have a green light in all three areas:

  1. Trust themselves to get the results 
  2. Trust you to guide them 
  3. Trust the process to get them there 

Who you are being on that call is the key to your success and theirs.

If you aren't your best they can't be their best.

If you are unaware of your blind spots, they will be too! Want to increase your sales conversions it's simple "Increase YOU"! 

If you want a system, support, and accountability to fast-track your results so that you can start generating more revenue, make more impact and BE the Real Deal, then let's talk. 

During this call I will: 

  1. Get to know you. 
  2. Find out where you are and where you want to be. 
  3. Ask you, "Why me" and "What would you need from me if we were to work together." 
  4. If and only if, you have a problem I can solve and we are a good fit, I will ask, "Are you looking for help to solve that problem?"  
  5. Then I will share what it looks like to be brainwashed by me so that you believe that you are so unstoppable that nothing will get in your way. You will win your game and get the results you want when you trust me, yourself, and the process. 


Let's just insert a giant laughing emoji - sales is not rocket science or trickery. It's 2 powerful people coming together to create magic.

Cheers to you and your success!