Unlocking the Alpha Mindset: Strategies for Success in Working with Alpha Types

May 10, 2023

The hardest operating system I've ever had to deal with was the Alpha operating system. I had bosses, business partners and coworkers that were the Alpha types and when they spoke, my heart raced. Their tone and body language made my skin crawl. Working with them seemed like hell and it felt like all we did was butt heads.

What I didn't realize was it wasn't them, it was me. I didn't know how to be with such strong people. I felt weak and insignificant in their presence but I didn't have to and you don't either!

If you're struggling with being with these Alpha types and are feeling a little put off or triggered by their direct approach, here are some strategies to support you to style flex and effectively partner with them instead of cowering or feeling stress in their presence.

Strategy 1: Understand Their Motivations

People that operate with an Alpha mindset are often driven by a desire for power, control, and success. They may be competitive and goal-oriented, and they may be more focused on results than on relationships. Understanding their motivations can help you communicate with them in a way that resonates with their values.

Once you understand their motivations DON'T TAKE THEIR WORDS AND ACTIONS PERSONALLY. Imagine them as 5 year olds and watch how your inner feelings shift when you see the person under the operating system.

Strategy 2: Be Confident

Alpha types respect confidence and assertiveness. It's important to be clear and direct when communicating with them, and to stand your ground when necessary. However, it's important to strike a balance between confidence and aggression, as aggression can be perceived as confrontational and may cause them to push back.

Remember the game is to play team so avoid power struggles and get curious- not confrontational.

Strategy 3: Focus on Results

Alpha types are often results-driven. When working with them, it's important to focus on achieving the desired outcomes rather than getting bogged down in details or processes. Be prepared to present data and evidence to support your ideas and proposals, as alpha personalities are often analytical and fact-based.

Strategy 4: Build Relationships

While alpha types may be focused on results, they also value relationships. Building a good rapport with them can help you work together more effectively. Take the time to get to know them and understand their interests and priorities. Be respectful of their time and boundaries, but also be available when they need you.

Strategy 5: Communicate Clearly

Alpha types appreciate clear and concise communication. Be direct and to the point, and avoid being too wordy or vague. Be prepared to back up your ideas with data and evidence, and be willing to engage in a constructive dialogue to find the best solutions.

Strategy 6: JUST TO HAMMER THIS HOME- Don't take their way of being personally

Alpha types can be strong-willed and may come across as intimidating or aggressive. It's important to remember that their behaviour is not a reflection of you personally, but rather a reflection of their personality and approach to work. Stay focused on the task at hand and don't let their behaviour affect your confidence or performance. You have strengths too and they appreciate when you can be with them- all of them.

Working with alpha types requires understanding, confidence, focus, relationship-building, clear communication, and resilience. By following these strategies, you can work more effectively with alpha types and achieve more impact and success.

Do you know what your primary and secondary operating system is? Are you an Alpha? Nurturer? Nerd? Social Butterfly? Take the quiz to find out.

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Conscious leadership begins with an awareness of your self so that you can see it in others. If you have the Alpha operating system have patience with people around you. They don't operate like you do but their strengths can contribute to you. When you can style flex and shift you will get more productivity from the people you work with and the result will be more impact, revenue and freedom.

If you are an alpha type and you find yourself increasingly annoyed or frustrated by the people around you, it may be time for a shift. Check out my Conscious Leadership Program that will support you to influence challenges and have you playing team and getting more out of others just by you showing up differently.

Cheers to you and your success.

Tina Brigley

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