Shocking Reveal: "I'm Not Enough" Could Be A Childhood Story Holding You Back in Business and Life

breakthrough confidence Jul 26, 2023
Confident Woman

Have you ever experienced a profound breakthrough in your life? 

If you just said, “What the heck are you talking about?”

Keep reading. This article could be the breakthrough you never knew you needed. 

Breakthrough Coaching Session Watch Here!

First things first, if you are new to the personal development space welcome! In the coaching world when we talk about a breakthrough in personal development we are referring to a transformative moment that leads to growth, self-discovery, and positive change.


It involves overcoming limiting beliefs, healing emotional wounds, and increasing self-awareness and confidence. It helps break free from negative patterns, achieve goals, and improve relationships. This pivotal experience empowers individuals to make lasting and positive changes in their lives. And it happens in a moment- no joke. 


Last week I did a live breakthrough session on Youtube with Vikki. Watch it here to see what happened. The real breakthrough actually happened after the call. Let me explain. 


During the call I could tell she was holding back and something else was playing in the background! Because of a number of factors, I held back and knew I had to clean that up. So,I called her up and asked if she was ready to get real with herself and have the ultimate breakthrough. 


This is what she had to say a week later: 

 “So after I did the live breakthrough with Tina on Tuesday she called me out after the live for holding shit back. I started doing the work. I have had an extremely busy week of not hiding out.  

I even talked openly with my friends about going live and telling the world that I didn’t think I was good enough.  The most amazing part about revealing that, was my friend’s daughter was listening. This is a young woman who has been dealing with mental health issues and has spent more time in the hospital this last year than out due to suicide attempts.  

When she heard me say “I don’t feel good enough”, she was shocked! And it was almost as if a light went off for her.  

The rest of my week ended with a birthday dinner for my son and a family wedding.  And guess what?! I danced!!!!

Thank you Tina for pushing me to see who I can be.  I know I’m not completely there yet, but this is a process and just another part of my healing journey.”

Vikki avoided social situations. She was afraid to put herself out there. She was hiding in business and life but she didn’t know what to do about it. Until she saw that she didn’t believe she was good enough. And she saw where the story was coming from. AND she chose to let that shit go and take new actions that produced profound results. 


Creating breakthrough results in life and business involves taking actions to push past limitations and achieve exceptional outcomes.


Here are some key actions to help you achieve breakthrough results:

  1. Create a game for your life that lights you up! Then challenge yourself to go beyond your comfort zone. Be willing to be authentic about what you want in your life. Unlocking those desires is the first step in breaking through your limiting beliefs and self doubts. 


  1. Embrace Your Creativity: Think outside the box and be open to new ideas and approaches. You don’t know what you don’t know, so be open to accepting feedback and getting help. 


  1. Take Risks: Evaluate potential risks and rewards, and be willing to take well-calculated risks. Fear of failure hinders your progress, but taking risks can lead to significant breakthroughs. Why? You start to see yourself differently. What seemed scary in the past becomes less scary in the future. 


  1. Make coaching a non-negotiable: Invest in personal and professional development. Stay curious, keep learning, and work with a coach who can help you break through the stuff you keep bumping up against. Ready to have a profound breakthrough? Book your consultation today. Don’t let money stop you. When you invest in yourself it comes back 10 fold- WHEN you are committed to taking the actions to reinforce the breakthrough. 


  1. Persistence and Resilience: Expect obstacles and setbacks on your journey. Stay persistent, maintain a positive mindset, and bounce back from challenges with resilience. How? Hmmm….Do the inner work to let go of ego! 


  1. Surround Yourself with Supportive People: Build a network of mentors, advisors, and supportive peers. Collaborate with others who can offer different perspectives and insights. This also means letting go of the old to step into the new. In my 90 Day Challenge we are big on community and supporting each other's growth. Letting go is also a big reason why the program is 90 Days. It takes time to let go of the old version of yourself and create the new version. 


The truth is, without a system, support, accountability and COMMITMENT we will just keep reading blogs and opting into freebies and getting the same results. It takes a shake up to make the shifts. 


Whether you choose to commit now, later or never know this: 

As you push through the storms of uncertainty and learn to dance with change, you'll find that every setback is an opportunity for growth, and every failure is a stepping stone to success. Your pursuit of breakthrough results in life and business will become a symphony of perseverance, learning, and transformation, fuelled by your unwavering belief in the power of your desires.


And as you stand on the precipice of each breakthrough, your heart will be filled with a mix of emotions: the triumph of achievement, the joy of progress, and the profound sense of purpose that comes from knowing you have the power to shape your destiny.


In this journey, you will not only witness your own metamorphosis but also inspire others to seek their own breakthroughs. 

Experience a breakthrough today! 

See you on the other side!